100% Natural & Safe

Dr. Mama Bebe Balm is made using 100% natural ingredients. It is even safe for babies of age 3 months and above.

Easy to use

It can be used easily. Just gently rub in Bebe Balm on the baby’s back, chest and feet. Safe to use as it does not contain toxic or dangerous ingredients.

Easy to bring

Bebe Balm’s packaging is designed to be convenient and practical. It is packaged into a tube that is lightweight, easy to carry and can be brought anywhere.

Fast result

You can see and feel the effectiveness of Bebe Balm within 24 hours. Your baby will be calmer and more comfortable after the application.

KKM approved

Bebe Balm has obtained approvals from the Malaysia Health Ministry (KKM) and the National Pharmaceutical Regulatory Agency System.

Benefits of Dr. Mama Bebebalm

Lessens the itchiness on the skin.
Helps to reduce severity of rashes.
Acts as a barrier on sensitive skin.
Helps people with skin conditions such as eczema and psoriasis.
Strengthen the skin epidermal barrier against bacterial infection.
Helps to moisturise the skin.
Helps to relieve the nasal congestion.
Helps to reduce the phlegm.
Helps to lessen cough and heaviness of chest.
Helps to reduce the body temperature while having a fever.
Reduces stress and fatigue.
Helps to increase the quality of sleep.
Improves comfort and calmness.
Helps to strengthen the immune system.


What differentiates Bebe Balm from other similar balms?

Our all natural Bebe Balm is a formulation of 3 high quality therapeutic grade essential oils and garlic extracts. The natural extracts and the virgin essential oils are safe to be used on children and young babies.



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